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Water Damage Repair

At Chileen Painting, we are water damage repair and restoration experts, specializing in older homes with wide varieties of water damage needs.

Any home is susceptible to water damage, especially with the swings of extreme weather in Minnesota. From ice dam and snow melt water getting into roofs and upper areas of your home in the winter, to the thaw in the spring threatening flooding in basements or cellars to the humid spring causing moisture to weave its way into the wood, drywall, floors and other aspects throughout your home, water is always threatening the stability, beauty, safety and longevity of your home.


If you wait to repair potential water damage, or at least have it inspected, there could be damage that needs a much more thorough fix or restoration. To keep your home structurally sound, water damage repair is something that shouldn’t be low on the priority list.


Steps of Water Damage Repair


The first part to the process is identifying the damage and source of what could be causing it. Is it ongoing, is it easily stopped, or will there be more preliminary work required? After that, it’s on to the water extraction and drying of the area so repairs can be made.


The restoration and repair is where Chileen comes in. We take what is potentially damaged, being floors, walls, or other parts of the structure to find what would need to be done to repair the aesthetics of the home but also the stability necessary for a given approach.


Holistic Water Damage Repair Experts


Chileen Painting isn’t a specialty shop that just fixes water basement damage. Our specialty is beautiful homes and doing whatever it takes to remedy water damage at any part of the structure. We have the experience in nearly every part of the home over our years and years of beautifully restoring homes. If water damage has caused a part of your house to become deficient, Chileen Painting can take the project full-swing to bring stability back into your home and restore its original beauty, free from water damage.


Contact Chileen Painting today to get our specialists to repair the water damage in your home.

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