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Patching & Enameling

Our patching & enameling experts have seen it all when it comes to damaged, incomplete or aging enamel that needs to be replaced with a detailed touch.

Unlike some modern homes, older homes may have many more instances of enameling present that may need fixing from time to time. Enamel paint is present on much more woodwork and trim within older homes, plus all of the enameling on various sink or bathtub features.


To keep the sophisticated look and extreme protection that the enameling provides on woodwork and porcelain, it’s important you address chips and scratches right away, especially on very forward-facing areas in your home. Whether you are entertaining guests or just taking in the beauty of your own home, having consistent and fully coated enameled paint is paramount to tying in the look of the woodwork, plus other prominent areas of you home.


Benefits of maintaining or patching your enamel


Enamel paint is much more durable than standard paint or wood stain. It can resist more wear and interference with its hardness. Additionally, it can be washed while maintaining its glossy appearance, also in just about any color you would like.


It keeps high-traffic and high-use items in top condition and keeps them easily cleanable. Think kitchen cabinets, stair risers and railings, doors and bathroom vanities. Keeping these items in top shape with enamel paint is important to your home maintaining its classic look and enhancing the look of various areas in your home.


If you don’t already have enamel paint on wood around windows in your bathroom or around a fireplace, now might be the time to consider getting it done in your home. It’s water resistance and heat resistance make it great for intense areas in your home that might require more than just traditional paints or stains in your home.


Quality Patching & Enameling


Considering enamel paint is much higher quality than regular paint, you need to trust a true expert when it comes to applying it. Chileen Painting specializes in restoring homes and older homes, meaning we have as much experience in enamel patching and painting as anyone else in the Twin Cities. To restore your home’s enamel paint, patch areas that need it or to paint new areas with enamel entirely, give us a call and see what beauty Chileen Painting can restore in your home.

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