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Chileen Painting will restore your home to its original beauty or it will help discover new beauty in your home.

See our specialties to find our full-service capabilities of home restoration techniques from painting to woodwork to enameling.


Interested in what our company can do for your home? Contact us, and learn more about what makes Chileen Painting great.

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Call 612-850-0325 for a Free Estimate!

Family Owned for Over 60 Years!

Insured / References

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See what all of our satisfied customers are saying about our detailed restoration work.


We honor the trust you give us to bring beauty back into your home!

Chileen Painting has been trusted to beautifully restore homes for generations. Learn more about our extensive past showcasing our expertise with home painting, wood finishing and home restoration.

There's nothing that proves our dedication better than the work itself. 

See photos and examples of our work to see what we can do for your home.

Proudly Serving the Twin Cities
Call us today for a Free Estimate!

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Speaking of history...
from 2019-2020 Chileen Painting restored and repainted the iconic home featured in the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

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